My name is Abhinav Raveendran. I am primarily a blogger.

I had created a few websites for small clients in the past, which included WordPress, PHP, and a few hand-coded HTML & CSS sites. But, I don’t think that knowledge is enough to call myself a developer these days. Because web technologies have advanced a lot from those days.

In one way, it makes me feel outdated. But when looking at it from another perspective, it has opened up a lot of learning opportunities. Unlike in the past, there are also amazing resources available online these days, which empowers anyone to learn anything.

So, I think it is a good time to refurbish those skills. And this blog is the place where I share what I am learning.

As I am new to most things, I want to explore what’s out there before focusing on any one topic.

But where to start?

That thought brought me to Linux.

One thing that had always intimidated me was the command line. So I decided to start with that. And this small yet effective Sysadmin eBook changed my prejudice on Linux and shell commands.

Earlier, I only knew how to set up a website on a web host. Now I know how it works under the hood – Nginx, Apache, firewall, and many more.

Moving on, you can see more videos and posts on Linux, PHP, Javascript, and Python. Speaking of videos, check out my YouTube Channel here.

On my primary blog, I review content management systems, web hosting, and WordPress-related stuff for non-coders.

Whereas this place is dedicated to people who are diving into coding.

So, let’s code together.

If you have any messages, send an email to